Share Your One

The Valley Life Communications Team is compiling a video featuring
brief clips of people from around our church sharing who their “One”

If you would like to be included, record a brief video of yourself
telling us who your “One” is and submit your video using the form

Here are some suggested things to say:

  • “My name is __________, and I’m praying that my “One” (first name only) will come to know Christ this year”.
  • “I’m asking God to save my “One”, ____________, this year.
  • “My “One” is _____________”.
  • “This year I’m praying for my neighbor, _______________, to come to know Jesus”.
Record a brief video. Record horizontally, and keep it under 5
seconds. Submit your video by Email.

*** To learn more about how to tell your friends about Jesus… Click HERE!